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如大家所知,目前市面上所有和Azure Storage相关的工具在中国Azure Storage上都不工作。 原因是
两者的endpoint  不一样:
     China Azure Storage:  *
     Global:                      *
网上虽然有Azure Storage Explorer 的中国Azure绿色版,但是其他工具(比如CloudXplorer, Cloud Storage Studio, 等等)没有针对中国Azure的版本。 所以我写了这个Azure Storage Redirector。通过对url的重定向把访问导向中国Azure的storage.

在没有配置过rule之前所有的request都会被重定向到中国Azure的storage。 配置过rule,只对rule里配置的storage账号进行url重定向。注意: 目前只支持HTTP,不支持HTTPS访问。


Project Description
Azure Storage Redirector is a useful System Tray Application for redirecting Azure Storage http requests to China Azure Storage. 
As you may know, all of the Azure Storage tools don’t work on China Azure Storage because the domain names are different.
     China Azure Storage:  *
     Global:                      *
We have to download an open-sourced tool and modify the code to get it work. But it’s a little complicated and some tools are not open-sourced, eg. CloudXplorer, Cloud Storage Studio, ... etc.  
To resolve this issue once for all, I made a http request redirector which redirects the * requests to * based on rules.
So all existing Azure Storage tools can work with both Global and China Azure Storage.
By default, it redirects all Global Storage requests to China Azure storage, but if you setup a rule then it will redirect based on rules.
To setup a rule
1. Click on the app icon on your desktop.
2. Right click on the icon in taskbar -> click Rules
3. Then add your China Azure storage account -> Click Close.

From now on, all requests to the account you set in step 3 will be redirected to * 
This tool only supports http, doesn't support https.

So for any Azure Storage tool you are using please make sure it connects to http storage endpoint.

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